Vision For Cincinnati

Let us realize the importance of our public schools and prioritize the education and training of our citizens.  Our public school system is and can be even more of a draw to families to live within our city’s boundaries.  By supporting and partnering with our schools from the preschool to adult levels, we build up our community.  In order to best educate and enable work skills and training, we first need to focus on the whole person – their housing, health, and food security needs and making sure that these basic needs are met. There are many organizations in place currently that are doing this hard work and the city should support and partner with them. Then we can get our citizens in a place where they are able to thrive.

The city has a responsibility to provide basic services with taxpayer money and those citizen services need to be conducted with excellence, efficiency, promptness, reliability, accessibility, and continual examination of best practices striving for constant improvement and modernization.

We need to make sure that there is community input and engagement and that tax abatements are fair to developers to incentivize improvements to our neighborhoods but focused on projects in areas where development is needed and wanted. We need to preserve and strengthen neighborhood identities – protecting from overdeveloped residential building.  We also need to protect folks from being pushed out of their current neighborhoods by development and pricing.  Low-income housing development should be subsidized and encouraged while we work to get to a livable wage and decrease poverty in our city by investing in people by making sure that they are afforded every opportunity to succeed.

A new day for our city is here calling for a time of collaboration between all those who wish to see Cincinnati flourish, thrive, and be a leader amongst American cities.  What is our brand?  What is our culture? These are questions that deserve answers with intention. Let’s rewrite the public narrative and make Cincinnati a leader in innovation and modernization, environmentally conscious, radically focused on justice and prioritizing investment in education and our human capital. We must be more welcome to diversity and friendly to inbound talent and migration. We must plan for long term growth that is sustainable and responsible. We can build on our vibrant arts, music, and entertainment scenes, our hospitality establishments, recreation, sports, and special events that bring our community together.

Cincinnati has the potential to be a model for other cities in modernization of technology – to be a leading Smart City.  Much work has been done to utilize technology, but we need to not only stay cutting edge, but work to imagine and create through partnerships, education, and attracting inbound and local talent to innovate. We need to get all of our citizens internet access and have fast and reliable connectively. By adopting innovative, technology-driven solutions to improve the efficiency of their city smart technology, we can better serve our people and our environment.

Cincinnati’s next big development was conceived over 20 years ago when Fort Washington Way’s reconstruction lowered the interstate that runs between 2nd and 3rd streets and the infrastructure was put into place that would allow for decks to be built over I71 that will connect the Banks to the Central Business District of our city.  The planning and implementation of the decks over Fort Washington Way will create revenue for the city through mixed use development and it will create shared community spaces as well.

Here are my promises to you:

I promise to be an upstanding citizen servant leader and to never let ego nor personal gain stand in the way of doing what is right and best for the people of Cincinnati.

I will make perfect attendance to all meetings a top priority – with the only potential absences being emergencies.

I will listen to all who come before the council with all respect, dignity, and attention due to them.  Communication and accessibility are very important to me.

I will make decisions based on balanced information and seeking advice from experts on any issue at hand and keeping in mind all people affected by decisions present and future.

It is important for you to know what is at stake for me.  Right now I have the esteem of my children, parents, family, friends, and school and church communities.  I would never betray that trust and that extends to all of you.

My expectation to you if I am elected is for you keep communication open with me.  I want to know your issues and struggles.  I want to hear your advice or insights.  I want you to not be cynical in thinking that you have no voice or are not cared about.  You can complain about things or you can reach out to enact change. I will get to know our many community councils and you will have the opportunity to know me as I reach out too.  We all share in our love for this city!